Terms and Conditions

By booking driving lessons with SRP Driver Training you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein. Please do not book lessons if you have any issue with these conditions, instead please contact us.

What we expect of you.

Driving Lessons & Taxi Training
  • You MUST give 48 hours notice of all cancellations where possible.
  • You MUST make all payments at least 48 hours prior to the start of any lesson.
  • If you fail to make payment 48 hours prior to the lesson, or cancel the lesson inside the 48 hour window, your lesson will be cancelled but you will still be charged.
  • Payments made for lessons are non-refundable.
  • You MUST inform SRP Driver Training of all reasons why you may not be able to drive legally. These include:
    • Loss of driving licence.
    • Being under the influence of alcohol.
    • Being under the influence of drugs.
    • Being under the influence of prescription medications or over the counter remedies which affect your attention, vision, co-ordination or specifically state they should not be taken if operating heavy machinery.
  • You MUST provide all necessary information to allow SRP Driver Training to check your entitlement to drive.
  • You MUST be able to read a standard UK registration plate at 20.5 meters. You MAY use glasses or contact lenses but if you do, these MUST be worn for all lessons.
  • You MAY write the number plate down in lieu of reading it out.
  • This WILL be checked on your first lesson by the instructor.
Using your own vehicle for lessons
  • You MUST ensure your vehicle is insured for the purposes of paid tuition. If it is not this will be listed in the exclusions section of your policy booklet. We reserve the right to view this document and the insurance certificate before giving lessons.
  • You MUST ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, particularly in regards to tyre tread depth and condition.
  • You MUST ensure that the vehicle has sufficient fuel or charge to complete the lesson. For information, you should look to have around 40 miles of range for each hour of the session.
  • The vehicle should be kept in a clean condition.
  • You MUST provide an additional rear view mirror for the instructor’s use.
  • You MUST provide two standard L plates, fitted one each to the front and rear of the vehicle. These L plates MUST NOT obscure any of the glass area of the vehicle. You can use:
  • If an L plate is lost during the session the session will be terminated unless a spare is available.
Accidents & The Law
  • You ARE responsible for all driving offences committed while you are driving on lessons.
  • SRP Driver Training WILL inform the DVLA of your details if an offence is reported during sessions.
  • You MAY ask at any time to see documents proving our vehicle is covered by a valid policy of insurance.
  • You MAY ask at any time to see details of public liability and professional indemnity insurance.
  • You ARE responsible for accidents and damage committed while you are at the controls of the vehicle.
  • You MAY be charged for said damage up to and including the value of the insurance excess.
  • SRP Driver Training reserves the right to refuse the use of a vehicle for driving tests where the learner has failed to reach the required standard. All efforts will be made to give sufficient notice to reschedule the test but where this is not possible no liability is accepted for loss of test fees.
  • Unless agreed in writing, SMS or by WhatsApp, payment for lessons does not include payment for test.
  • Where a test is cancelled, the 48 hour cancellation policy still applies.
Data Protection
  • You MAY at any time request a written copy of all data held by SRP Driver Training about you.
  • You MAY at any time ask for data to be removed and destroyed.
  • You MAY NOT demand the destruction of records required for up to 3 years to prove who was driving a vehicle at any given time.

What you can expect from us.

Driving Lessons & Taxi Training
  • We MUST attend all driving lessons in reasonable time.
  • We MUST attend all driving test bookings in reasonable time.
  • We DO reserve the right to cancel any lesson or test booking on the grounds of safety.
  • We MUST communicate any delays or cancellations in advance where possible.
  • We MUST ensure that any vehicle provided is clean, in good roadworthy condition and has sufficient fuel to complete the lesson unless the lesson plan includes fuelling.
  • We MUST ensure that the vehicle has a valid MOT and is maintained appropriately for each lesson.
  • We MUST ensure that valid policies of vehicle insurance, public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance are in force for each lesson.
  • We MAY sub-contract provision of lessons to a suitably qualified alternative instructor where necessary.
  • We MUST refuse to deliver lessons where safety is compromised or the instructor believes the driver to be impaired.
  • We WILL charge for cancellations inside the 48 hour window or lessons not paid for or confirmed before the 48 hour window.
  • We WILL refuse service where a customer has a debt to SRP Driver Training in relation to short notice non-payment, no-shows or cancellations.
  • We MAY expire any unused monies paid in advance where they have not been used for 6 months after payment.
  • We DO NOT offer refunds. All bookings are final and binding at confirmation.
Using your own vehicle for lessons
  • We DO NOT accept any liability for breakdown, damage or accident to vehicles provided by the learner.
  • We MAY withdraw consent to deliver training in alternative vehicles at any point.
  • We MAY withdraw consent to deliver training in alternative vehicles for any reason.
  • The Instructor’s decision is final.
  • We WILL offer a driving school vehicle as an alternative.
  • We WILL NOT waive the charge if for any reason the lesson cannot go ahead in a learner provided vehicle and the learner declines to use the SRP Driver Training provided alternative.
No Shows
  • We WILL notify the learner on arrival by text message.
  • We WILL send an additional text message if the learner is 5 minutes late for the lesson.
  • We WILL call if the learner is 10 minutes late for the lesson.
  • We WILL leave the pick up location and charge the learner for the short notice cancellation if the learner is 15 minutes late for a lesson.
  • We WILL NOT return to the pick up location after leaving.
Alternate Pick Ups
  • We MAY agree to change the pick up location if requested with notice. The instructor’s decision is final.
Accidents & The Law
  • We WILL take all reasonable steps to avoid fines, penalties and collisions.
  • We WILL NOT accept any liability for injury, damage to personal property or lost time in the event of an accident or collision.
  • We MAY refuse further training where a learner ignores instruction and has an incident which may cause damage.
  • We WILL pass on all costs relating to damage or penalties where the instructor was unable through no fault of their own to change the outcome. This particularly includes driving tests.
  • You MAY ask to complete a vehicle condition report pre and post any use of our vehicle and to keep a photo copy of such reports for your records.
Data Protection
  • We MUST ensure that your personal data is kept securely at all times.
  • We MUST be registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a Data Controller. You MAY ask to see proof of such registration.
  • We MAY outsource the storage of data to third parties.
  • We MUST carry out all due dilligence to ensure such third parties comply with ICO regulations.
  • We MAY use dash cam recordings of your lessons as teaching tools for other learners and in social media content.
  • We WILL maintain records for 5 years following test pass or termination of service.
  • We MUST respond promptly to any request for access to your personal data.
  • We WILL refuse such requests where the requesting party doesn’t provide suitable evidence as to their identity.