In a previous blog post we discussed MSPSL, this time we expand on the process by including LADA. Look, Assess, Decide and Act. You can find out more about MSPSL by reading the previous post.

Look – The final step of MSPSL

As we covered before, the final step of the MSPSL routine is Look. It’s also the first step of LADA. Taking a good look at the situation so you can make safe driving decisions.

The L of LADA means Look.

Look starts early, especially at open junctions where you have a good view of the new road and can start assessing your options early. So as soon as you’ve got a good view of the road you are taking, get looking for other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and other hazards.

This is not only safer, it’s more fuel efficient. That’s because you can plan earlier and arrange to arrive at the junction or roundabout at a time which means you can keep on rolling. If you don’t have to accelerate from a complete stop, you burn less fuel.

Definition – Open Junction

A junction or roundabout where no buildings or bushes block your view of the other road.

The most important thing is to collect as much information about the new road as possible. Look for road signs and road markings along with identifying other road users and hazards.

LADA – Assess what you know.

Once you know what’s out there you need to assess your situation. Is it likely that you can keep the car moving? Do you need to stop? If so, where are you going to stop? Is there a line to stop at or do you need to judge the stop point?

You have to decide what the risks associated with your plan are. Assess the safest place to position your vehicle. Use the information you have from looking to decide on a safe plan of action moving on.

Decide – Commit to an Option

The D of LADA means Decide

The D of LADA means decision-making. Once you have all the information you need, you have to decide what to do by evaluating your options. Generally, it comes down to two options:

  • Stop
  • Go

Of course, throughout your manoeuvre you will need to keep looking and reassessing. If anything changes you will have two choices, stick to the plan if it still works, or change it.

LADA – It’s time to act

Vehicles moving.

Once you’ve Looked, Assessed and Decided, it’s time to act. You’ve made your plan and its time to put it into action. The faster you put your plan into action, the more likely it is to be safe and succeed.

If you can’t get away quickly, you need to continue looking, assessing and deciding before you can act.

Try putting this process into place in your driving lessons or private practice, or even when you are driving as full licence holder. For more help understanding and implementing MSPSLADA contact to arrange a session with Seyed Reza Pourreza soon.

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